RBI caps term for banks' concurrent auditor at three years. Sensex soars above 1200 pts as government proposes to slash corporate tax rate. Sensex edges higher; HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank among early gainers . Government bond yields fall as RBI Das says more room for rate cuts. Vodafone Idea jumps 16% as company still number one in user base.

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Fri - 20 Sep 2019

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Is it the right time to invest in the Market ?

You cut the corners throughout your life to stock money for your necessities. But, the best idea to amplify the utility of money is to invest it at a proper place like property, gold, or share market. All these Investment options are a matter of “risk and reward”, preferably Stock Market. But, the reward will fly when you have already integrated yourself to the market, but what about th
Read More... 03-09-2019

Why Nifty/Sensex is Falling ?

There is a bad news from equity market as investors lost Rs. 4.37 lakh crore in market wealth as selling was continue in equity market due to relentless concerns over economic slowdown. Nifty or Sensex is a sensitive place where chances of falling down is paramount. Therefore, there must be reasons of the fall and also the measures to get out of the crunch time. All these points will be discussed one by one in this article.

Political Issues-
Political issues
Read More... 19-08-2019

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