Tech Mahindra stock in focus as LIC raises stake in this IT share . Rupee opens 4 paise lower at 82.59 against US dollar ahead of RBI Policy . Stocks to Watch: Wipro, Coal India, SBI Life, Tata Motors, Bajaj Finserv . Rupee opens 4 paise lower at 82.59 against US dollar ahead of RBI Policy . Tech Mahindra stock in focus as LIC raises stake in this IT share .

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How is Meditation useful for Your daily trading?

Meditation has long been helping humankind through its different techniques, asanas, and poses. In fact, it is useful for everyone, not only traders. But here we will see how meditation helps in daily trading. 

Mindfulness, over the past few years, has become identical to meditation. Now, this doesn’t imply that all who read this blog will know that it is significantly true. In fact, there are still many people including daily traders who have no idea that this is so. Als
Read More... 02-07-2022

Does Bonds market has any effect on stock market?

Bonds have a major impact on the stock market as they compete with stocks for investors’ money. Though bonds are comparatively safer, they yield lower returns. Hence, when stocks rise in price, the value of bonds goes down.

Stocks perform well in a booming economy. When consumers buy more, companies get more earnings, and because of higher demand, investors are more confident. Inflation can be dealt with by selling bonds and purchasing stocks when the economy performs well. If
Read More... 20-06-2022

Does A Stock Broker Really Help You To Earn Or He Earns From You?

A stock broker, also known as an investment broker or a trader, is an expert who buys and sells stocks on behalf of customers. They assist clients in purchasing stocks, securities, bonds, and other financial products from exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and the London Stock Exchange, etc. To put it simply, a stockbroker is a middleman who executes transactions on behalf of investors. 

In this article, we will discuss how a stock broker helps you to earn m
Read More... 20-06-2022

Myths & Misconceptions About The Stock Market

Since the inception of the capital markets in Amsterdam, people have had many misconceptions regarding how the financial markets work. Markets since the beginning had only one goal in mind, and that was to meet like-minded investors with companies who wanted to raise funds. But as we grew, economies around the world transformed and more and more complex financial activities started to take place. Such as the Chicago exchange opened, which was an essential place where people hedged themselves
Read More... 19-05-2022

What is the Face Value of a Share?

If you are a first-time investor and have just found out that the TCS share’s actual value is just INR 1, even when it is being traded at INR 3200, you would be surprised!!!!

Well, don’t worry! Your concept will be cleared now. To find out the value of a stock in the stock market, you should know the notion behind face value, market value and book value. Speaking about TCS, its face value is INR 1 per share and its market value is INR 3200 per share.

Read More... 19-05-2022

Is share trading an art or science or gamble

Every trader has a unique approach to trading. There are two parts to this approach – the intention and the process.  

The intention of a trader draws the line between a gambler and a professional. Similar to a gambler, a trader who is emotionally attached to his shares and/or not thinking objectively is gambling. If the intention of a trader is to understand share market trading and make investments based on reasoning, then he is in the clear and is not gambling.

Read More... 19-05-2022

What Is Insider Trading?

Trading is a zero-sum game. And not just a few times, but almost all the time, the ones who get trapped on the "zero" side are the retailers. There is a very famous saying in the market, "once you see retailers flocking up on a particular scrip, you should start leaving the place". This is because, by the time small investors come to the party, it's already over. And this largely depends on the fact that retailers lack the inside information which professionals have. S
Read More... 19-05-2022

What Is Swing Trading?

Price swings are a thing that is situated in the heart of the capital markets. Stocks go up and down almost every moment, with some moving up as if they will reach the moon while some drop down like a meteor and some just chill out, moving sideways. But how exactly do traders who proudly call themselves "Swing traders" profit from these moves? What is their trading style and how can you also try swing trading. These are some of the questions we will be answering here today. So, let&
Read More... 10-05-2022

Why Animals Like Bull & Bear Are Used As A Symbol In The Stock Market

Bullish, bearish, or bulls and bear words are probably the highest used terminologies in any stock exchange in the world. This is because anytime a stock moves upside with a good momentum, traders term it as a "bullish" move. Whereas whenever a financial instrument comes down, it is said to be a bearish move.

Now, no one knows how exactly these terminologies were started in the first place because there is nothing documented related
Read More... 06-05-2022

How Much Capital Do You Require To Trade In The Stock Market?

Thousands of traders trade in the stock market daily and millions of shares get exchanged between people every second. Starting from amateurs who barely have Rs 5000 in their trading account to big mutual funds and prop desks who have 1000s of crores in AUM trade daily. So, the biggest question that arises whenever someone new comes to the stock market is that how much is enough to trade the capital markets? Is 1000 enough? or 10000? 100000? What's the number?

The answer to this
Read More... 06-05-2022

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