Tata Motors appoints Usha Sangwan as Additional Director, Independent Director for 5 yrs . Nifty tops 17k, Sensex up 200 pts; Bajaj Finance, RIL jump . Gold hits record high on global banking turmoil. Stocks rise on Wall Street on Monday after bank deal, regulator moves. Stocks to Watch: Adani Ent, ONGC, RIL, GMR Airports, Tata Motors, Airtel .

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How Crude Oil Affect Indian Stock Market & Economy

There is hardly any commodity that has more significance to a country's economy and the world markets than crude oil. And this is why prices of crude oil have always been monitored by both the producer and consumer nation worldwide. Whenever prices soar high, it surely dents the economies around the world, but adjusting the supply and demand curve has historically moved the prices favouring everyone.

But what is the exact consequence of the rise in crude price in India's con
Read More... 05-05-2022

What is IPO and How To Apply For IPO

The term IPO has been recently trending in the stock market. Since there are various new companies entering the stock market to raise capital from the public, it becomes essential to know the basics of IPO and the application process. Initial Public Offering (IPO), in simple terms, is the process of offering shares of private ownership for raising initial capital from public investors. IPOs hold the power to provide unparalleled benefits to investors in the long term. With the help of IPO, pr
Read More... 21-03-2022

How Much Tax To Pay On Stock Market Profits

Income tax for everyone differs based on many factors such as the amount of income, source of income, the timing of income, and many more. What's the most important thing to note down is how much you should pay for your income, be it from salary or rents or any other sources. Now, we all know about income tax, but what about the taxes that we need to pay on the profits we gain from the stock market? Let's know whether you have to pay anything to the govt for your profit from the capit
Read More... 19-03-2022

Top 10 Technical Indicators that Every Stock Trader Should Know

Technical indicators teamed with risk management tools can help you acquire a deeper insight into price trends. The indicators are tools to analyze the stock price movement to determine if an ongoing trend will continue or reverse. It helps traders to enter or exit a specific stock. Here are top 10 technical indicators that every stock trader should know about:

  1. Moving Averages

Marked as lagging technical indicators, they are used to discove
Read More... 15-03-2022

Hedging and Arbitrage

In today’s time, traders consistently use different strategies to get a high return on their investment and make sure that their risk suffering ratio is reduced. Arbitrage and hedging are two such options to help them. Though they are quite different regarding the purpose, they are used for. Here is an article to give you comprehensive knowledge of both techniques and showcase the difference between them.


Arbitrage is an action when a trade
Read More... 10-03-2022

What is the SGX Nifty- Real or False Indicator of on NSE Nifty!

SGX Nifty, also called the Singapore Exchange Nifty, involves trading contracts in the Singapore Exchange. It is considered a future key NSE Nifty Index traded on SGX. It offers global investors an easy option to bet on Indian markets without registering with Indian entities. The SGX offers round-the-clock trading through after-market trades; investors can hedge their bet at any hour of the day. It is also regarded as an excellent indicator to state the opening of the Indian market on an upco
Read More... 07-03-2022

Can share trading become your career?

The stock market is where public firms' shares are traded, and trade is fundamentally an exchange of products and services between two parties. In a stock market, purchasers may increase their earnings without risking their enterprises, while sellers can profit from stock sales and raise capital through investors; investments are a win-win situation for all sides. The success of a country's stock market is a good indicator of its economic progress. The Read More... 05-03-2022

What matters most being right or making money in intraday trading?

Buying and selling stocks during the same trading day is known as intraday trading. Stocks are bought here not to invest in, but rather to benefit from the movement of stock indices. As a result, swings in stock prices are tracked to profit from stock trading.

For intraday trading, an online trading account is set up. You must mention that the orders are for intraday trading while executing intraday trading. Intraday trading is referred to as such
Read More... 28-02-2022

What Are The Impacts of Russia Ukraine Issue On Global Economy

The ongoing geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine is impacting the global economy and politics significantly. If the tension exists for a longer period, it could turn into a 21st-century cold war. The Russian leader Vladimir Putin recently recognised two breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine, which are Donetsk and Luhansk. Putin has ordered to deploy troops in both the regions which went free from the Ukrainian government control back in 2014. The continuous threat that is looming o
Read More... 24-02-2022

Types of Indexes in Indian Stock Market

90% of the youth loves soft drink- Survey

It is common to see such headlines around. But, do you think that researchers go to 90% of young people in the city to collect this data? It is technically not possible and quite expensive too. Rather, they use a sampling method that helps to make statistical interference about a group as per a sample.

How is the stock market related to sampling? Well, in more ways than you can imagine, especially when you talk about indices such a
Read More... 17-01-2022

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