Tata Motors appoints Usha Sangwan as Additional Director, Independent Director for 5 yrs . Nifty tops 17k, Sensex up 200 pts; Bajaj Finance, RIL jump . Gold hits record high on global banking turmoil. Stocks rise on Wall Street on Monday after bank deal, regulator moves. Stocks to Watch: Adani Ent, ONGC, RIL, GMR Airports, Tata Motors, Airtel .

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What Is Trend & How Traders Can Make A Profit By Riding Trend?

Stocks markets have been there for a long time and have always had a pivotal role in a country's development. Every day billions of dollars are exchanged continuously between traders and almost everyone is in a race to capitalize on the movement that stocks have daily.

With over hundreds or possibly thousands of trading strategies out there, no trader in this world would agree that finding a trend, understanding the bottoming out of the charts and following the momentum isn'
Read More... 06-01-2022

How Moving Average as a tool can help you to get Profit?

There are multiple technical indicators present to support complex theories and calculations. But, if you want to go to the basics, then one of the simplest indicators used in technical analysis that forms the backbone of several trading strategies is Moving Averages.

What are Simple Moving Averages?

A moving average is a mathematic to assess data points by calculating a series of averages of varying subsets of the full data collected. In all, it is actual
Read More... 27-12-2021

Indian share market Intraday tips for Good profit with high Accuracy


ShriStocktips is one of the SEBI registered Research Analyst firms that provide research calls in all segments of the market such as equity, future, nifty, bank nifty, stock options & index options like a nifty option, bank nifty option, Investment call, Positional call, Delivery call.

Existence since 2015 with high standards

We are providing our research ser
Read More... 27-12-2021

How does the auction market work against & in favor of short-sellers?

Auction marketplaces are a great method to bring buyers and sellers together. An auction market is exemplified by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). When an offer and a bid are matched on the exchange, a trade is completed — thinks of it as a price agreed upon by the buyer and seller. Negotiations take place in OTC markets, while none take place in auction markets.

Historically, auction market trades were conducted using an open outcry system, in which buyers and sellers call
Read More... 20-12-2021

How successful stock traders spend his time?

Stock traders join the market by purchasing and selling stocks and closing out positions with the idea to make small gains. Like there are several kinds of investors, you have several types of traders, ranging from a small trader, work from the home trader to an institutional player who moves hundreds and thousands of dollars of worth of shares daily.

Traders and their trading styles

While you have too much diversity among traders, there isn’t such a
Read More... 18-12-2021

Does Technical Analysis Give Guaranteed Profits In The Stock Market Or Does It Reflects Only Probability

Technical analysis in the stock market has always received opposite viewpoints from various traders. While some traders think of it as a fictional probability of profitable results, some believe it as a hidden door that can unlock huge profits in both the short and long term. Talking about the general definition, technical analysis tried to grab market trends and sentiments by analyzing the price trends for possible trading opportunities. In the entire process, the companies behind the stock
Read More... 17-12-2021

Does Derivative Market really work for Retail Traders?

In the past 20 years, the importance of the derivatives market has multiplied manifold. It has noticeable in its yearly turnover reaching a monstrous INR 95,47,789 crores in March 2021, an amount enormously more than that clustered in the cash segment. But, what are derivatives to start with?

What are derivatives?

Fiscal contracts that can develop their fundamental value from the fundamental asset are called derivatives. It could be anything right from sto
Read More... 14-12-2021

Information about P-note & how it affects Indian market

P-notes or Participatory notes, were the key reason for the fall of the Indian stock market over 550 points recently, registering the biggest single-day drop in the last two months.

The Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE fell below 28, 000, shaving off approx Rs 1.5 lakh crore in investor wealth in a single day.

Market experts stated that the fall can largely be due to the SIT’s report on tackling black money where the SIT suggested
Read More... 11-12-2021

How many world markets affect India’s market?

Delhi-based Rohan Sharma’s daily routine swings around the three Ns. Around 8.30 am, as he is leaving his home, he checks how the Nikkei is going. By the time he reaches his office around 10 am, the Nifty has opened. When he returns home at 8 pm, he tracks the Nasdaq. The financial happenings in global markets can influence your stock investments just as factors profits, policy changes, or other corporate actions.

Sharma is among those investors who have realised that global m
Read More... 09-12-2021

Difference between Equity Trading, Commodity Trading and Currency Trading

The major difference between equity, commodity, and currency trading is that while equity is the capital invested in acquiring company ownership, commodities are undifferentiated products in which investment is made. On the other hand, currencies involve the trading of currencies at different exchange rates. Commodity and equity belong to the asset class, while currency trading consists of the transaction of foreign currencies. Let’s analyze the difference in a more descriptive way.

Read More... 30-11-2021

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