ONGC Q4 Results: Cons PAT falls 53% to ₹5,701 crore, revenue up 5%; dividend declared. Stocks to Watch: M&M, Reliance, ONGC, Aurobindo Pharma, Maruti Suzuki. Manaksia Q4 net profit rises nearly 20% QoQ to ₹38 Cr . PTC India logs 8% decline in FY23 net profit at ₹507.15 crore. Rupee opens flat at 82.58 against the US dollar.

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What is bull & bear and how do they dominate the markets?

In the stock market, there are popular terms, Bull and Bear. These markets impact the economy in their own way, and in this blog, we will know how both of them dominate the stock market.

A bull market is a market that keeps rising and where the economic conditions are generally favourable. On the other hand, a bear market is a market in which an economy is receding where the value of most stocks are declining. Since the financial markets are highly influenced by the attitude and und
Read More... 30-11-2021

Will Govt really ban crypto or just a hoax by operators?

Several popular cryptocurrencies such as Etherium, Ripple, and Bitcoin come under the classification of public cryptocurrencies, as the transactions conducted using them are traceable.

The government of India has recently introduced the new crypto bill in the upcoming parliament session. This bill proposes to ban only private cryptocurrencies and not public cryptocurrencies. So, the public cryptocurrencies will continue to exist in India, even if the new crypto bill to ban private c
Read More... 25-11-2021

What Psychology Do You Need To Remain Profitable in the Stock Market?

If you could select someone to handle your investment funds, what qualities would you like that person to possess?

Well, you would want competent, reliable, and someone with a good reputation for networking and intelligence to invest for you. You would pay more for their expertise if they were position holders. The LTCM was managed by three geniuses, and this choice created some high expectations. But, unluckily, the fund failed!

Why is IQ not sufficient?<
Read More... 24-11-2021

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading is a procedure for implementing orders using automated and pre-programmed trading instructions to account for variables like timing, price, and volume. An algorithm is a set of instructions or directions to solve a problem. Computer algorithms send small portions of the overall order to the market over time.

The trading utilizes complex formulas, combined with human oversight and mathematical models to make decisions to sell or buy financial securities on an exch
Read More... 22-11-2021

What is the use of NIFTY & SENSEX In Indian stock market?

NIFTY and Sensex are different indices that represent the market. They act as the benchmarks for the stock market trend, individual investors’ portfolios, and development in the industry in the country. In this blog, you will discover what is the use of SENSEX and NIFTY in the Indian stock market.

What is Sensex?

Sensex is a mix of Sensitive and Index and has been coined by Deepak Mohoni, a stock market analyst. It is an index maintained on the Bomba
Read More... 22-11-2021

Does Inflation have any effect on the stock market?

Inflation is the ascent in the cost of goods and services that diminishes the buying power every unit of cash can purchase. The rising inflation has a slippery impact: input costs are higher, shoppers can buy fewer products, incomes and benefits decrease, and the economy eases back for a period until a proportion of monetary balance is reached.

This can be befuddling, since inflation seems to affect the economy and stock costs for investors, however not at a similar rate, because th
Read More... 21-11-2021

Is the stock market crash is an opportunity or a threat?

When a market index declines dramatically in a single day or a few days of trade, it is called a stock market collapse. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S& P 500, and the NASDAQ are the three most important indices in the United States.

A stock market crash is more dramatic than a stock market correction, which occurs when the market drops 10% from its 52-week high over days, weeks, or even months. In the last 40 years, every bull market has had a downturn (and often severa
Read More... 20-11-2021

Introduction to RBI policy and how it affects stock market

The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) regulates the stock market and its systems through some definite policies. Their motto is to reach price stability & control the money flow into the market by monetary policy.

"RBI's money management policy"

By using some money managing instruments, RBI takes care of the demand and supply of money flow. Also the monetary policy committee reviews the policy twice a month. There are two types of monetary poli
Read More... 16-11-2021

What is the difference between a bracket order and a cover order?

Cover order and bracket order are two sorts of orders that are frequently placed during intraday trading. These orders are associated with a stop-loss order and/or a target order. Further, this blog includes the difference between these orders.

Bracket Order

A bracket order is an order where three types of orders are coupled together.

A bracket order is an order that includes all three types of orders, i.e. initial order+stop loss order + target
Read More... 04-11-2021

How to choose between Intraday, short-term & long-term trading?

Often a beginner has to face a decision as to what sort of trading to shoes- short-term, long-term or intraday?

But first, it is important to understand how you define each sort of trading. So, let’s start with intraday trading in which traders do not hold any position overnight, i.e. they buy and sell stocks on the same day. In short-term trad
Read More... 18-10-2021

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