India February manufacturing PMI falls marginally to 57.5 from 57.7 in January. India's economic recovery to reduce bank stress, says S&P. Karnataka logs 521 new Covid-19 cases, 5 more deaths in last 24 hrs. Sensex, Nifty rise more than 1.5% as auto stocks rally Nifty bank rises 1,257 points after embargo on govt grants to pvt banks is lifted.

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Mon - 01 Mar 2021

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Past Performance of Investment Package in April 2016

Date Script in Cash Trade Type Enter Target StopLoss Result Quantity Profit/loss
No record found.

Date Script in Future Trade Type Enter Target StopLoss Result Quantity Profit/loss 4 lots
20-Apr-2016 ASIANPAINT 880Call Buy (2-3 Days) Ard 14.50-16.50 28-40 9.5 Booked at 19 600 Rs. 10800
27-Apr-2016 RELIANCE PE 1020 May Buy 1-7 Days Around 25-23 35-45 18 Booked at 39 500 Rs. 34000
Total Profit : Forty Four Thousands Eight Hundred Rs. 44,800
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